Having problems with banner ads any help

i am having problems with my banner ads. banner ads are not showing plz help although interstitial ads are showing but what is the problems with banner ads. i spend alot of time just finding out what is the problem

if u know what is the problem please tell me in the comment section down below

First show please your blocks.

First of all, you don’t need to make your banner visible via blocks editor. You can set it as visible via the design editor (by default it’s already visible)

Have you copied your banner id from the AdMob panel?

  • If no, please create a new banner and get your banner id from the panel. Then copy your id to your banner id part within the properties view (design editor.)

  • If yes, please make sure you copied it right, copy and paste it again.

i have add Unit ID + I Copied Correct No Problem With That
u said to remove that block i will do that in a minute then i will reply u

Still Not Showing
I have checked everything But Nothing appears

Maybe here is the problem?


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@Mika, the Ad’s are enabled by default. So that shouldn’t be the problem.

As my suggestion, please try to publish your app to the Google Play Store and from your AdMob panel, connect your Google Play app page. That may work as it worked for me one time.

Also, If you’ve clicked your ads, your ad account may have been suspended.

If interstitials are working, then this is not a case.

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Yes, forgot that. You’re right.

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i don’t want to click on my ads but i am thinking why the banner ads not showing

Thanks for giving suggestion
Okay i will put my app on Play Store then we will discuss

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Banner Ads Not Working , Please Guide Me I Created ADMob Unit ID 25Days Before Works On Other Plateform Well But Not Working HereScreenshot%20(30)

Me neither