Admob banner not showing!

admob banner is not displayed, even the test code
does not display
can some one help !

Show your blocks

thank you for ur answer
all is well
the same code works well in few last days
but now does not work

You joined kodular community 14 hours ago…
Better read this :point_down:

this is the code

I think you didn’t made any mistakes on code @kanywidney :thinking:
Better search on community

Check This Post it’s help you made blocks like this

the same code work well before
but when I compile it right now it does not show ad
I think there is a problem in kodular
you can try yourself if it is possible?

I did it 10 hours ago and it was working fine…
It is perfectly showing ads now too

hello thnk for ur answer
i download yr code
when i click show ad ===> the server response is NULL Please try again

It’s a admob problem it’s fixed in 24 hours automatically

Remove your add unit is and do not share these types of information in community

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