Admob Banner is not showing even in test mode

Admob Banner ads are not showing up on my all apps.
Tried all the solutions provided in the forum.
here are blocks:

even tried enabling banner’s visibility permanently true.
Banner ads are not showing even in test mode.
aia was working perfectly fine in appybuilder. and was also showing banner ads.
tried deleting custom package name with no luck.
set horrizontal arrangment height to 13% (in which banner ad is placed)- no luck.

Can you please guide me how to resolve this issue?


If you are importing project from appybuilder then first remove those Admob components and add them again in Makeroid builder.

yes i have done that. everything is working fine in my ALL APPS. even interstitial ads are showing up but not banner ads. how can it happen with all the three apps?

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Can you make a check on how high your horrizontal arrangment is…


thanks for reply…

i was not able to update the thread as the forum was restricting to reply again to my own post. finally i could solve the issue.

if anyone is facing the same issue, then what worked for me is:
i removed arragement and placed the banner ad outside the arrangement. also made it permanetly visible.

hope this will help others too. :slight_smile:


Ok, for next time if you have AdBanner in arrangement make sure it’s not smaller than H50 x W360, otherwise it will not be displayed.

Btw, @MIka which Banners is served through Makeroid, Banner, Smart Banner etc…



Ok thanks, then it depends on the height of the screens Dp as well…


So what size should i select for an banner arrangnent that it will display in every android
Without arrangment

Yes, Automatic.

However, it may depend on how your other components are, ex.
Screen not Scrollable…components take too much space and hence AdBanner will be outside the screen area and will not be visible.


Or that it may look like this