Admob Banner Always Fail to Load

I have setup A Banner Ad and Loaded it But it was not showing up so i added the AdFailedToLoad Block and Set a Notifier to Know if its failing and It is failing Always; As soon as it’s called to Load the Ad It Fails. It shows a Test ad in Companion though. Anyone Know what’s up with this?


may be your admob ID is not Active - When you have created admoob id?
or set Screen sizing to Responsive

It is set to responsive

i made it Yesterday

Please wait 24 Hours from AdUnit Created, for AdMob ID Activation.

Means Admob ID Needs 24 Hours to Active and Show Ads…

I’ll try. The main thing i was worried about is that My account was Disabled Due to Address verification Issue and I send them The required Documents to get it Fixed. So i was Just thinking if the ads are not serving due to that.


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