Ads Policy for kodular

Are there any kodular policies where it doesn’t show ads in apps until they are uploaded to play store?

Yes, Ads will only show after publishing the app on The Play Store. You can also request for ads if you don’t want to publish your app on play store and still want to show ads for some reason. It would take some time and the kodular team will see what they can do.

By the way, welcome to the community.

Complete not true.
Ads are also working on your local apk.

For local apk: You need to request ads approvement from us.
For Play store: You don’t need to ask for approved ads.

Why does your app show ads in companion but not as exported apk?
Simple answer: Our companion have many thousand downloads. Your app (local) not.
That’s why we receive most times ads without “Ads not filled” error.


Forgot the companion. Sorry about that.

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