Advance APK Tool for Kodular Developer (APK STUDIO EDITOR)

Yes , I had set the PATH

Go to apk tools editor folder → tools and post a screenshot

Why not just use the default settings…

Reset each


Before I posted, I Use default Setting… same result… that’s why I tried to fill the field

To make sure as @Boban said… I tried to reset configuration
and the result

There are already two guides on this:

In addition:

  1. You cannot add unlimited assets (Play Store limit, for APK ≤ 100 MB).

  2. The app must be signed with the original keystore (this step is described in detail in my video tutorial).

Wondering why your JRE shows 1.5



Let me check again… my JRE…

I cannot open apk editor studio


the error has the solution also


That was Solution… I’ had J2SE from Sun microsystem… after uninstalled … problem solved.
Thank’s @Boban


Any solution for this ?

I had same problem with you before… in my case to resolve this I re install both VC_redist.x64.exe and VC_redist.x86.exe and program worked as expected… hope this can solve your problem too.

Please pm me

you can download via this

Thanks. Problem solved :heart:


install java environment in your pc first… and download your keystore from kodular and set the keystore path to Apk Editor Studio

I agree… Unlimited app assets work if your app wont be publish on Playstore… Sorry to not mentioning it

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Virustotal is used to detect the Trojan.
apk-editor-studio Virus
Trojan alert detected in APK Editor Studio

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