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Hi. first of all tell you that I am new to the world. I have created several apps with Kodular and some of them I want to upload to the play store (one with publi, the others without publi). I find that after finishing the apps, I have deleted the keystore that kodular has by default since I wanted to put a key store that I created with ApkSigner since it contains a personal password. Is this possible to do? Will it give me an error when uploading to the Play Store? At the moment, when uploading my keystore to Kodular I get “something is not right”. I have managed to make several apps from scratch and without knowing anything and the subject of the signature resists me a lot, I have been looking for help for more than a week … It is possible to upload an apk to Kodular with my keystore (the password is personal since it is for a company, and they don’t want it to be Android’s default). Help me please, I don’t quite understand the subject of the signature. I need to upload the apps to the Play Store and know if I can upload them with the keystore that I have created with ApkSigner. Greetings and thank you

Create the APK with Kodular, decompile the AKP, sign it with whatever tool and recompile the app.
Upload to the Play Store.

Hi. Thank you very much for responding, I have been desperate for many days with the same topic. It turns out that I have already tried with Apk Signer, with AppToMarket and it gives me an error to decompile with any app created with kodular. I do not understand why…

Post the APK or send it via PM.

See here (→ 1:10 min, how an APK is signed and recompiled):

This error:

28may.2020_1850.10: Your Platform: windows 7

28may.2020_1850.10: Java Version: 14.0.1

28may.2020_1850.10: AppToMarket Version: v4.1

28may.2020_1850.10: Install folder: C:\Windows

28may.2020_1850.10: Error reading config file: C:\Windows\resource\config.txt C:\Windows\resource\config.txt (El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada

This doesn’t help, post the APK or try what I suggested (using e.g. APK Studio Editor).

I can’t send you the apk, there are several. I do not want to give you work … Also I would like to be able to do it by myself, since in all the tutorials it seems very simple and I do not understand why it gives me that error already from the beginning … :frowning:
I have been looking for information in the community and on the internet for more than a week and there is no solution for my mistake apparently …

apk studio no puede ser instalado en mi pc por falta de api-ms-win…

AppToMarket error:

28may.2020_1957.30: I: Regular manifest package…

28may.2020_1957.36: I: Decoding file-resources…

28may.2020_1957.42: I: Decoding values / XMLs…

28may.2020_1957.42: ERROR: Unable to decompile your .apk file

Have you updated the apktool.jar ?

See here:


of course, apktool 2.1.1. jar and I’ve even tried changing the -org cmoo names in a tutorial I’ve found

This is from June 2016. Update to 2.4.1.


AppToMarket 4.1 definitely works if you have the right settings.

Sorry. On a website that I found, it was the latest version and apparently it is wrong. I will download from your link and I will tell you in a few minutes. Thank you

Hi Veronica,

You have another account on the community. Only one is allowed. Which one should i delete?


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is that why it gives me the error? Why do I have two accounts? I started with one and switched to the other because I started the projects together with a colleague and I saw just create a new account to do it together. I will pass the projects from one to another, do not delete any at the moment because there is a lot of work behind.

See also here:

I have to have appToMarket 4.0 downloaded and then download 4.1 and copy the files to the correct 4.0 folder? Then download the latest apktools version and also copy the files to the aptomarket 4.0 folder. Once all that is done, running apptomarket 4.1 is correct? I do something wrong but …

When downloading the latest versions of apktool, do I have to delete the previous version from the appToMarket folder?