App was rebuilt block by block it works perfectly but not possible to upload to google play

Hi Kodular team I hope somebody could help me with this issue.

  1. First version of my app was totally made in App inventor , since App inventor did not have App bundle I migrate to Kodular using App Inventor keystroke
  2. Once in kodular i imported my app made in App inventor, I have fixed all layout problems and I exported the key from Kodular ide to my pc and created the app bundle that was rejected in Google APP Store because they said that it had to be optimized.
  3. I Used APK Editor to optimize my app, but still continued to be rejected in Google APP Store, I tried at least a hundred times.
  4. I decided to built the same App all over again, from cero block by block, to avoid problems due to package name or other layout problems due to process of importation but since I could not change keystore to avoid “Putting at risk not being able to update my app in the future”, I keep using the generated keystore but I guess still tied to APP Inventor Keystore, the kodular app bundle again was rejected.
  5. finally I decided to use Android Studio, I imported the same app but built all over again from zero in Kodular and I imported it to Android Studio, I can see my app on the AVD MANAGER, and it works perfectly. However I can’t build the App Bundle.
    Manifest file shows several errors, and although gradle is working correctly it is not possible yet to build the app bundle

Question :

  1. If I press overwrite keystore it will generate a clean keystore that has nothing to do with App Inventor ? since this is done all over again in KODULAR not copy pasted not imported, in other words a new one but using the same the same keystore and resources ( drawings and sounds made and recorded by me) that were also use in previous versions of my app but never published)
  2. Will it be possible to update my app the future overwriting the actual keystore
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I Don’t understand what is actual problem ?
Is your app rejacted for what reason ? Keystore ?

So contact Google Team and ask for keystore they provide your a pem file simply make keystore using any kyestore software.

And if there is internal error post screenshot here .

I think you can’t Convert kodular App bundle in android studio :roll_eyes:there is some differences . I think

All my problem was written in detail thanks

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In order to be able to release an app in the Play Store, at least the following requirements must be met:

  1. The version code is higher than the current version.
  2. The packageName is the same (as the previous one).
  3. The keystore is identical (with the previous / initial version).
  4. a) The targetSdkVersion corresponds to the minimum API required by Google (currently: API 29, from Aug 2021: API 30 for new apps and from Nov 2021 also for updates).
    b) From Aug 2021 you must also use AABs for new apps and from Nov 2021 also for updates.

Which errors?

See also here:

Thank you very much Anke for your professional reply, I always learn a lot from you.
I will check and try all your advises and let you know when I publish it :heart_eyes:

That’s not right.
You will have to upload an existing keystore there.

Hi Aashi $harma, my actual problem is as follows:
I cannot upload it to google playstore, they ask to ofuscate my app.
My keystore comes originally from app inventor, however the app has been built completely from scratch in Kodular.
I spent hours invested in Kodular my app works perfectly, i just like to publish my app in google play, if It can not be possible to publish there is no point to continue using this Ide.

Show the (error) message from Google (take a screenshot).

Thank for you kind reply Anke and sorry to bother you.
I had to upload all over again google play because I already had erase it.
But I am not clear how to sign my app, could you please explain me how to do this process using Apk editor studio editor or other friendly tool?
Thank you again

Thank you very very much for your time Anke, I will follow all the steps that you suggest on your reply.

Hi Anke I have publish it my app to Google play but I don’t know I the app has been accepted, I have received some warnings and still waiting.

This are the warnings I get from Google play after optimizing my App using APK Editor Studio:

1.To guarantee a more recent API they recommend API 30 my app is API 29

Is it possible to change the API to the latest API30 version in Kodular Ide?

2.They recommend App Bundle however Apk Editor only drives APK format, I have tried again with Android Studio, my app runs ok there but the option to generate the app bundle is disabled and this only happens with my kodular app. How ever if I create an app In Android Studio ide, an app Bundle is generated without a problem.


Is there other Ide to convert into APP BUNDLE the optimized Apk generated by the Apk Editor or is it possible to import it to Kodular ide and then export it again in app Bundle format ?

In other words:

The APK result file from Apk Editor Studio -->import this file into Kodular ide–>and then Export file in App Bundle format

3.Last Warning says this Apk contains java/kotlin that could be obfuscated we recommend you to use a deobfuscated file so it can be easily analyze and debug. I have no idea how to do this.

Thank very very much for you time and sorry to bother again.

That looks good. These are the usual messages (warnings) that can (should) be ignored. There is apparently no problem with the keystore. And for updates you don’t have to target API 30 until Nov 2021.

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That is very nice to hear Anke, now the Google Play message says that the app is under revision.
I let you know whats happens.
Thank you very much for your help, danke :kissing_heart:

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Thank you very very much for all your help Anke!!! danke
on the 16th I have received a IARC document and the app change status to production and the following day the app was published!!

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