Advertising ID for play console for Android 13 (API 33)

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I have the same problem and I am updating now
An update is not accepted until after the acknowledgment is submitted
Please let us know the best choice
Since I am also using the Admob extension of @oseamiya

Did you see this notice?
and what did you do ?

No I’m not seeing this notice! :thinking:

i think this should only apps targeting api 33, currrently kodular not targeting api 33.

currect me if iam wrong


But what can I do please suggest me. my app is not updated in-play console.

What are your running version currently right now?

Show thw warnings and errors from the Play console


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I am also facing the same problem (You must complete the advertising ID declaration before releasing an app that targets Android 13). Can someone please advise ?

yes, I have the same problem but I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions

Hello , no one here to replay for us ? :cry:

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