API 31 to 33 Update Service

Hi Taifun, do you think I can post this in the Community: :point_down:

API 31 to 33 Update Service

Hello friends
*I would like to communicate that if someone needs to "compile a kodular application, from API 31 to 33, I can do it for an application $10 dollars, and if there are 2 applications $15 dollars and if there are 3 apps $20 dollars, the shipping is by Wester Union or Ria or Fiverr, but free of commission. *
Or if you want to do it yourself, I will do a Hotmart Course.
Best regards

you are already posting it…
and here is my opinion about such service (as already said in other threads)

it does not really make sense to target sdk33 manually, because also the behavioral changes must be implemented, see also this thread Permissions with new Target API 33 - #2 by Taifun

The best strategy imho therefore is to extend the deadline as explained here API Level 33 Necessary from August 2023 - #22 by The_K_Studio - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community and build your project targeting SDK31…

Kodular hopefully will provide an update to SDK33 in September or October and then you still have almost one year to provide your SDK33 update before your app gets invisible in Google Play, see also Update my app API to Android 13 - #42 by ewpatton - General Discussion - MIT App Inventor Community