After 11 screen what will happen?

I want to know that what will happen after 11 screen please anyone tell me in details??

Why cant you try yourself the community is for serious topics not, for just asking possible things

because i am trying to make a project of 12 screen and i have completed 10 page but 11 page i am going i says warning that why i am asking

There are many tutorials about using multiple “screens” in one screen

Why not to use vertical arrangements in a screen and set them visible to true or false according to the condition

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i have give condition to all screen that when screen intilize then it would start loading and all screen is loading first when screen is intilize because why i am giving this loading condition because it load the data in all the screen but when i do vertical arrangement in a screen 2 times visible to false then it loading the app but i dont want to load all the page in screen some screen are without loading so that why i am using multiple screeen for loading the screen if i used vertical arrangements 3 or 4 time visible to false and when i call the value it loading but i have told you that all screen are not fetching the data only some screen are fatching the data to avoid the loading problem that why i am using multiple screen to avoiding the loading problem u understand my problem

If i understood well, your problem is with loading the data, so you can use a Async extension to load this data without lagging your phone.

and using to much screens can full your cellphone memory and you will have more problems in future when your app became “Heavy” and probably you will have to remake all your project.

why i have to remake all our project when user used after 11 screen?

As i said, Probably you will have problems with this in future, when you open another screen the screen remains open, so if you open 10 screens, the 10 screens will continue open until the cellphone memory full or a problem occur. So its your decision if you want to continue with 10+ screens or try to optimize your project for the future.

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ok but if i used async extension then it works for me or not for loading the data please for me it is a major problem??

Its up to you, i dont know how you are working with this data, so you will have to search in comunity and see/test if this work for you.

i have tested with the screen but it first loading then give the result but some page are without loading they also are loading i dont understand why this vertical arrangement is loading

It is as simple that if you use more than 10 screens, you may get compile error occassionally or your app may become unstable?

See tip 1 here :point_down:

Also I think there is no point in discussing such things. Every needed resources related to this, like the one above, is already available in the community. Just search



For example:
I current using the Dynamic extension, and i had the same problem that you have, all the Dynamic components are loading on the initialization.
so i make to only load the Dynamic when i set the arrangement to true

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that was the good idea i will also try this and tell you

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i have try this and this will work on me thanks @Chocoduba_BR

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