After Click Button Disable for 24 hour

After Click Button Disable for 24 hours
when complete 24 hours button visible?
please help

Thank you

Use TinyDB to store the time of action and later check the stored time if it is >= stored time + 24 hours, then allow to call the action again.


I am first time use makeroid builder i don,t know how i use tinydb

can you explane step by step

thank you

Here’s a good tutorial on how to use TinyDB:

and its docs: Storage - App Inventor for Android (This is currently not available in

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please explane step by step

thank you

Read the tutorial, it gives all the info you need to know

I maked a little example with the minute.
I know it’s a little bit complicated, but I think it’s understandable. :sweat_smile:

DisableButton.aia (20,4 KB)
DisableButton.apk (2,3 MB)


thank you sir

i make
click button to go next page and disable for 30sec button (time work background application)
after 30 complete enable button?

thank you

You must change in the blocks editor the time pattern from HH:mm to mm:ss and the "1" to "30". And add your function to go to the next screen.

i mean

when click button go to next screen and disable button. massage showing in label text please wait 1 minute to enable button for click to next screen?

please make a aie file

thank you

Sorry I haven‘t the time for that, but you can also test something around.

It‘s better if you learn it yourself.

@Taifun has a lot of tutorials at


Try this also i use this on my appstestuserblock (1).aia (5.7 KB)

1 h = 3600000 ms
6 h = 21600000 ms
24 h = 86400000 ms


thank you very much I needed help with a project that I have, but thanks to this I finished understanding

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