Disbale button for 24 Hours after click!

You don’t even have to run the application in the background.

yes i know i got some new thing i am trying this new thing please wait

do you need firebase or tiny db for this ???

Currently i am storing users data in firebase database
I am calling firebase url and token from airtable spreadsheet then storing value
Using tiny Db is right ?
I mean anyone can edit the tiny db value
But if it is safe , we can try -)

yes ok i will do this with firebase now are you making a specific project bucket for each user

U found it ?

yes please wait just 5 minutes more

I am working on it please wait !!!

@vedantyaduvanshi There is a YouTube video, I wish you would check it out on YouTube before posting But it can’t use tiny DB The video on YouTube also uses firebase

Checking Communities Post first would be better I think :flushed:

Is this one of the most asked question :thinking:?


Yes , most asked but
“Yes ! I have searched the community , not able to find what i wanted
I dont want to store in offline in tiny db
is their a way i can upload last date to online DB and then when data changed they can click it again ?”

Why Not??
You can fetch online time and store in tinyDB either

There were lot of databases you can use

By deleting the data of the application, the user can benefit from tens, perhaps hundreds, in a day, but firebase cannot be used and if he wants to log in with a different username, he has to wait that time.Because I also made a minute button with tiny DB but I think it’s ridiculous right now Anyway product you can do what you want

I have got it , i am calling api data from online and it is working perfectly ! Thank you everyone for replying

Ok means now you will share all blocks to help others like me :pensive:

I will surely do that , just provide me with some time -)

Why not , you give a hint to the @Aditya_Nanda and he will try and share the solution.?

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Actually Right now me myself is beta testing the “Solution” i dont want to share it before i am 100% sure on it So i said i need some time :smiley:


Yes i am also working on same project an mine is 70% complete now just left to get value from firebase

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