Disbale button for 24 Hours after click!

I want user to click button only once in a 24 hour time interval ,
No ! My app is not a earning app , Its a Crypto mining app …
Yes ! I have searched the community , not able to find what i wanted
I dont want to store in offline in tiny db
is their a way i can upload last date to online DB and then when data changed they can click it again ?
Kindly help me out ! Thanks

Which you can then trade for money.

You need to get background function extension that will only help

You got the wrong answer…

Background extension will save data offline ! Right ?
Users can edit and tweak it and fool the system !
Is their anyway i can store it online and not hackable ?

But anyway You need to create a real-time data base to store leftover time of user and we need an extension so that app can run in background even it is closed can you do this without extension

Can u show any examples please ?
I dont need aia , just an example so i can understand it more better :nerd_face:

Ok I will try do this I was just give some methods I have also not tried this :sweat_smile:

@anyone has any solution for this ?

No, and you shouldn’t follow @Aditya_Nanda suggestion. Reading and writing to a database every second will COST A LOT and isn’t even an easy way to determine when 24-hours is over.

So Is their any alternative ?
Or we cant do this ?

Yes that will but we don’t have any other solution we are not having any component or block that can make app run in background :disappointed_relieved:

I dont even need 24 hours ,
I just need users to click on the next day after they clicked !

Ok but I know solution if it works i will send something After testing .

I got something new please wait

Yes , Please :smiley_cat:

You don’t even have to run the application in the background.

yes i know i got some new thing i am trying this new thing please wait

do you need firebase or tiny db for this ???

Currently i am storing users data in firebase database
I am calling firebase url and token from airtable spreadsheet then storing value
Using tiny Db is right ?
I mean anyone can edit the tiny db value
But if it is safe , we can try -)