Age Calculator - Get Details About Your Age in a JSON format

if you want to create a age calculator app then this file is the best and easiest way to do it.

just pass the DOB in a URL and get the details in a json format. and then use JSON tools to print the text into your app.

to make it work you will need a hosting account, there are many free hosting providing website available. just upload the .php file in your hosting server and call it by passing the DOB. That it.

below are the files you need for this -
PHP File - (662 Bytes)

if you don’t want know what to do with the hosting part then use this link -
mm - month
dd - day
yyyy - year

Just change the date, month and year of your choice and you are good to go.

Blocks IMG -

NOTE : the day part is not working properly, other than that it fine i think. i made it in one day so maybe there will be some miscalculation.

If you like it then pls try and let me know