AI Distro Installer (APK)

What is the name of your app?

AI Distro Installer

Describe your app:

Facing any issue on downloading apk?
Browser doesn’t load the URL while you export a QR Code from Makeroid?
Or you don’t have a QR Code Scanner?
And you want a one-click installer that helps you to install apk from QR Code?
Let’s Try out this simple app


Why using this?

In the past :
What you need to get :

  • A QR Code Scanner
  • A Browser
  • A Few Click
  • Press Download

Now :
What you need :

  • AI Distro Installer
  • That’s All you need

App Store/Download link:

AIDistroInstaller.apk (4.6 MB)

Thanks to this extension :


Good app but;
Makeroid Companion has interesting feature which downloads APK from builder link’s QR code.

But using the Companion can not fix this,
Sometimes it shows about:blank when i load the URL in both Android Browser and Chrome

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