[AIA] Confetti animation screen - LOTTIE

Make confetti style animated screens, no extensions required.
Just the Lottie component and Json files

Includes various animation styles, but you can integrate your own.

Download File AIA


Great! Thankx!!!

this is really great, thanks for sharing your work

How do you get the Lottie to be displayed on top of the rest of the components? I only get to shown the lottie like normal component. In my case, below the last component.


My friend, there you have the aia, it really is very simple, check it

Yes, I had the AIA, but I didn’t see where the effect of overlapping the Lottie was achieved. After an hour, which I would have preferred to save, I found how it is done.

It is only necessary to put the margin in negative to superimpose the lottie to the other components.

I comment on it in case someone else happens the same and I help to save 1 hour like happend to me.

Truly an amazing work :clap: , thanks for sharing!

I’m really sorry it took you an hour to interpret the first block of the screen.


Great! Now everyone will be able to see the detail that I did not see and with this screenshot everyone will save time. Thank you!