Airtable and search bar

Could someone teach me how to do this?
When clicking on the name column open what you have in the link column, example when clicking on Spider-Man open a web page with movie information.

I’ve tried, but I do not know how to do it.

search_bar_help.aia (51.8 KB)

There are several topic about In App search try reading
For example:


I wanted to know how after showing the items by clicking on them make them open the items in the next column.

Galaxy s10 > When you click open a link from the side column> For example a URL with galaxy s10 information.

I would love to understand how to do this, if anyone can show and I would be very happy.

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Screenrecorder-2019-07-06-02-05-05-710(0).mp4 (3.9 MB)
Is it to do something like that? I wanted you to click open a link in the browser for example.

It did not work very well, it shows all links in the column and in the app itself.:thinking::sob: