Airtable how to insert math formula in spreedsheet

I want insert some math formula in my spreadsheet problem it doesn’t work When Square Root or square appear in formula
my formula is

But when i copy it paste in spreadsheet it look like this

Airtable is not excel.

There is an alternative way to do that by using image.

Take image component, upload your formula image in cloud and load this image in image component.

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Shouldn’t this topic should be in discuss?

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I finial found the solution to do this in airtable spreadsheet thanks everyone for the help

Good to know that you found the solution.
But, it’s always better to share the way you solved your problem with others. So that other can also get benefit.

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here is the solution which helped me u need to use Alt+

Symbol ALT Code Symbol Name
ALT 8320 Subscript zero
ALT 8321 Subscript one
ALT 8322 Subscript two
ALT 8323 Subscript three

or you can use this link to find other code according to your requirement