Airtable record problem

Airtable free plan allow to store record 1200 row.
But when i want to get row by index it’s only get upto 100Index.
I mean if i use to get index number 1 then app got the value of index 1.
same if i use to get index 100 then app got value of index 100.
but if i use 101/105 (greater than 100) number index then app got no response.

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Airtable free plan supports only 1200 records per base not 1200 row.

Actually by record it means row.
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And what’s if user has more than one table.

I am not sure about the tables. I think the sum of the rows of all tables must be 1200.
I think another user had the same problem getting the rows after 100 but i can’t find it.

Yes, this is correct and what I have try to explain is this. The sum of all tables row must not greater than 1200 for free plan to get data.

I found it. It seems there is no solution to this until now

Maybe a workaround solution. You can read all the column and after get the index you want from the list.

Good but do you they count one row equal to one record. BDW my question is that why we don’t get response for index number more then 100

Sum of the rows of all tables must be 1200

How many tables in the base from where you call your data.

1 Table…please try your self to get data from 105 number row :slight_smile:

I don’t face any of problem like this.
Can you share screenshots of error.

Nothing to capture screenshot.
Please create a table with 110 row and try to get the last row.

Vai amaro same problem…

i got solution.
Try to get cell from the coloum name and row index.
It’s work for me and the alternative solution to get a row morethan 100index.


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