Airtable rows not created

I am creating an app where the person has to enter the title, description and image of anything and it will be uploaded to airtable.
Although the data is not uploaded even though I have supplied the right
Api Key , Base Id , Table name.

Here is the screenshot of my blocks used -:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Show database

Do you have only these three column in airtable?

Yes, Only three columns

Make sure you have entered correct api key, base id, table name and the view

If any one have single mistake(single extra space also costs) in the above fields, it wont write… I have tested now and found working good


share us the result

Do one thing upload image to cloudinary and then store as link .

And change image field type to single line text on airtable.

Surprisingly Cloudinary Image url works while direct image doesn’t.
Thanks @kidular :smiley:

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