Airtable "set cell" method not working

value doesn’t update in the airtable sheet , but I’m able to delete row,read a cell
my api key, base id , table name , coloum name is correct.I have putted all credentials perfectly.

same here…

yes, it didn’t work for me too, also uploading long text (like a news article) also didn’t work.

Can you please prepare a example aia with a test database?

Looks like a internal bug.

I will take a look into it

Will you please share your airtable sheets column titles screen shot, if possible.

Please solve it. It cause many problems to make a good app

@Androteq I mean column title screen shot of airtable website

Isn’t it an earning app? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
That’s the reason why your app isn’t working. :smirk:


It’s not an earning app, it is a news app.You can see there is news table also.if you know how to solve it then reply.

There’s no need of any explanation, the name of the app is more than enough to understand that it is an earning app.

After knowing that it is an earning app I’m sure no one (at least top community members) is going to help you.


Hi @Androteq, try changing spins column type to anything else

I tried many times but it not working​:persevere:

It has good containts & design that you can’t expect with kodular. And can you tell me what do you mean be Earning App.

Every earning app’s content is the same… Wanna know what??? Rubbish!

Again for every earning app, it is Rubbish!

So, you think yourself superior than other developers here???
Grow up, man! We are living in 21st century.

Accordingly to me an Earning App is an app which is made by :cow: :poop: people like you who actually can’t think beyond money.
BTW, can I know how much you have earned from these :cow: :poop: apps till date?