Alert error when launching the app version

Hello Good morning, I’m launching a new version of my app on the Play Store, using the extension (.aab). This alert appeared in the Review and Launch the app phase, before publishing, Will this prevent the update?

Message that appears:

Errors, alerts and messages
1 warning
This App Bundle contains Java / Kotlin code, which may be overshadowed. We recommend that you upload a defocusing file to facilitate the analysis and debugging of faults and ANRs. know more

I have reviewed all my blocks and I am NOT using the Obfuscated Text “” block in my project.

What could you tell me about this alert?

Can I continue with the launch or not?

All of my updates are very fast and it takes less than 1 day to be released. This one I’m trying to launch has been requested since 12/23/2020. So is that what is causing this delay?


Ingore that message

I also seen that same message in my app

I didn’t take this message seriously

Okay :ok_hand: there is no problem with your app
It will publish after Google approve it

Ok Thanks, but I think it was a failure in the generated apk, I launched 3 more updates 6.3, 6.4 and 6.7. These are all under analysis. The question I ask is, will the analysis be considered only version 6.7 and will the others below 6.7 be excluded?

Supposed to be - Your later (recent) version of apk will be published after review and any older will be discarded, :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem is different he 2 message on console after submitting app to Google

So far have not updated yet, since the 23/12 it is under review. When I launched the first version took 3 days to accept, after that, I linked more than 20 updates and all took less than 24h. This time since 23/12, it is under review. That’s what I’m strange! How are your updates?

I did another update for one of my apps yesterday and it was released in less than half an hour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes my app Update also released less than half an hour

So they’re boycotting me, or they saw something wrong with my app. But the only thing I did was fix a bug, I did not add anything to the app. I tried two days ago talking via chat but I could not. I’ll try again today, and see what’s happening.

But sometimes its take time when I change some details of my app in store listing its take 24 hours. So its depend on Google play store

This sounds a bit paranoid. Why would you think that. You just have to be patient. It can sometimes take longer. They state that on the Google Play console.

“We’re experiencing longer than usual review times”


finally released my update, thank you all for the consolation.

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