All in One App - Available Soon AIA Project

All in One App

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All on one app look like a browser. This is light weight app.


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Available Soon

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Free & Paid Both AIA Available Soon


Anyone Intrested ??


I’m interested

I really liked the design
Maybe you could add tabs, I think there’s a tutorial here on how to do it with ColinTree Listview


i will try to add tabs feature in upcoming update.


There is a topic in the community about it is not legal to display ads through a browser. (Earning money without rights.)

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Your design is very beautiful.

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According to the screenshots he is showing ads at his first screen only. It would not be ok if he is showing ads between one and other webpage being visited but we can not say he is doing it for sure, can we?

Bottom Ads ?

I Am Most Interested In This

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Interested in this app

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For additional support. it will be chargeable.

As I said before, I didn’t see bottom ads at any website, did you? All the screenshots are of arrangements made by the developer himself.

If I am wrong just show me a screenshot of bottom ads or any other ads at any website.

Or are you trying to say that Kodular does not allow ads even if the ads are shown on screens with content fully created by the developer?

I have placed bottom ads. it is optional, bottom ads you want or not.

Beta Test v1.0
All in One Browser.apk (4.3 MB)

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I confused you with Robert:joy::joy:
Ignore my last two posts

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It’s really look Amazing.


Thanks dude, more feature comming soon!

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How did you link button to website. Is it webview in another screen?