All my projects which use File Component are broken due to this new update

My project also uses file component, but there are errors not related to it.

Here is an example of something not related to file component:


Both procedure “enviaComandoParaMestre” and global variable “stringAEnviarParaMestre” are reported as missing… but both are declared in Screen1.bky file.

yap from my end I edited the Screen1.scm and Screen1.bky by removing the File Component the my project worked fine as previous

Can you try to remove them and import an aia to see the result!

Lily, if you have meant do delete all references on FILE1 in .scm and .bky files, yes, it ceases all error. Only 1 warning remains.

In Screen1.scm: {"$Name":“File1”,"$Type":“File”,"$Version":“7”,“Uuid”:"-177562226"},

In Screen1.bky, several occurrences: I had to delete all <block> tags that contained FILE1. Only removing tags <mutation> and <field>, where FILE1 indeed was present was not enough.

At this moment, if I decide to not wait for solution from Kodular staff, I will have to spend a lot of time to rebuild everything related to file read and write.

Kodular team should make available previous Kodular version to those who has developed many and/or big projects in order to prevent such a waste of time, till they solve this problem related to FILE component.

That’s pretty serious. My app is (was?) next to its commercial release and all of a sudden everything gets messed up.

One more info: I’ve just created a project to test FILE component inclusion: an error happens immediately.

No matter if an early Android version (5.0) or not (10).

Adding other storage components, no error is thrown.

So, there’s something really bad with FILE component.

I hope @Diego will advise his staffs to do so

This is so sad

I knew why they said that it is a fix but for the real they meant to deprecate only AdMob so that we can’t earn any penny and at the same time the Google Ad-manager is not something quick to depend on since the approval takes time and sometime it is not approved anymore

If @Diego can think twice of this he will actually restore the previous version else we are wasting time on this Kodular Platform
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If I’m not wrong, these non-code Android app development platforms (Kodular, App inventor, Thunkable…) generate projects that are not interchangeable. Indeed, till now I have not spent any time checking up if there’s some ‘low level’ (or not so ‘high level’) to make a project file accept by another platform.

By now, an issue related to an important component as the FILE one is impacting a lot.

Hope someone from Kodular staff deal with this as soon as possible.

I did it too to resolve the problems :slight_smile:

Since you have the same block in your project


I bet is the same issue as here

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Here to shift forward the date to close this topic.

No manifestation from Kodular team till now. Until a new version correcting this issue, they could avail the previous operating one, so we could be spared from this situation.

I had to remove FILE component and related blocks and change a lot of other things to make my app back to work in degradated way. It’s important to my app that a simple local storage is working.

Apologies for the inconvenience, it seems to be an issue with a particular method in the File component as a result of which projects aren’t being brought over to the latest version of Kodular without getting corrupted. We’re currently looking into the issue and will have updates soon. I would recommend taking backups and holding tight till the fix is released.
Regarding other issues in the File component, we will need some more time to triage and fix them.

Thank you for your patience and once again, apologies for any disruptions in your workflows.


Thank you for finally giving us feedback.

This should be visible in a prominent place and not just within a single thread.

Vishwas, would it be possible to avail previous stable version in order to allow FILE component users to use their working projects?

A bug fix update is going to be released this weekend which will resolve issues with broken projects due to the File component.

The File component can be replace with one of the File extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360 and or my MFile extension.

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Thanks, Vishwas!


It’s a pity only now I’ve got this information.

I’ll wait for Kodular solution till this weekend, as Vishwas has stated. If some delay comes to happen, I’ll try the File extensions you’ve suggested.

Thanks a lot!

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