Fenix 1.5.5 - New File system → File component

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As Anke said,

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since some of our projects have been broken I would suggest @diego to make a backup to an old Fenix 1.5.4 else all our projects and the work we have did were the wasting of time.

everyone is crying

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Every time when new update comes previously working component not work in new update,
i suggest kodular team to please cross check all features & component are working perfectly before new rollout. as we are working hard in this platform considering Kodular is part of our Carrier. because these things are very irritating.

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Yeah, sometimes I feel as they don’t follow the simple rules of development as every single app developer should do:

  1. Program change
  2. Alpha test
  3. Beta test
  4. Roll out

Yes it is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed.

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I’m afraid that all projects containing the File component opened after the new update (Fenix 1.5.5) will be corrupted beyond repair.

So I strongly recommend making a backup of the project beforehand!


Why do you think that

Counter question: Do you have an argument that speaks against it?

(The blocks are mostly gone or incomplete… Will they be automatically restored once the bugs have been fixed: questionable)

Therefore, I would strongly advise everyone to make a backup of their projects beforehand!

It’s common if one block is faulty for some reason the whole project gets broken and that’s what it’s right now

it remains to be seen :smiley:

So what’s wrong with my advice?

The advice is correct, necessary, helpful and I bet the blocks won’t recover.
Do you bet against it?

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I Don’t Care if they are or not

P.S since solution is in the thread I linked to

But will it be the same for those affected? I don’t think so when weeks or months of work was wasted.

Apparently I had overlooked this link (which possibly happens to many).
I’ll have to take a closer look at that later …

However, it doesn’t change my advice to back up the projects beforehand.

2 things:

  1. I experienced corruption of my project yesterday, due to the file component in the new 1.5.5 update. Updation of file.exists was probably the block that caused the error. I am grateful to @Boban for editing my aia and resolving the issue. All blocks were recovered and the project works fine. :+1: Here’s his solution:
    Error in 1.5.5: “The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen Screen1 will not be saved" - #10 by Boban

  2. The new file component adds a scope parameter. Six options: App, Asset, Cache, Legacy, Private, and Shared are present in the drop down. Also, Create directory is now a Boolean(called Make Directory), returning true/false. My limited knowledge is preventing me from using these blocks in my project.
    Could someone explain what the different scopes refer to (like what part of the path) or create a full Guide of the new File Component? Unfortunately, it seems that Kodular has forgotten to update the docs page on the updated component :grimacing:. I think this would be helpful for the whole community.
    Thank You.
    Also fun fact: When you hover over the old file components, they tell you to use the new ones instead.:grin:

blocks (1)

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For example:

Search the AI2 community. I answered almost all relevant questions there regarding the new file system (File component).

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Thank You! :blush:
This guide helped me the most:

Anyone knows if the staff is aware of this bug / working to correct it?

Good question, but given the amount of bugs reported by the community, the answer to this is most likely YES, at least to the extent that the Kodular team is aware of the bugs.

It remains unclear whether the Kodular team is already working on fixing the bugs, as they probably don’t even know where to start. :wink:

But we should have received immediate feedback from the Kodular team that they would take care of the bug fixes as soon as possible.

As I said elsewhere, given the amount and severity of the bugs, it no longer makes sense to find and suggest any workarounds anymore.

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That is exactly why i am worried. It would literally less than a minute to answer a thread or create a new thread saying “we are aware of the bug related do xxxxx and working to correct it as soon as possible, we don’t know what the problem is or when it will be fixed yet but we will keep you informed”


Just a few links on this: