Camera - Error 201, the camera did not return an image / missing Pictures folder

To avoid that the following error message occurs with the Camera component:
"Error 201, the camera did not return an image” or you don’t get an OK button after taking a picture,
because the folder “Pictures” does not exist (has been deleted by you or your users),
use these blocks:


Note: Since Android 5, this folder is no longer automatically created by the camera component.
The folder is still created with Android 4.3.

@Kodular I think this folder should be created automatically on all Android versions.


I did some more tests on serveral devices & Android versions:

  • Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9) and there is no OK button after taking a picture
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Android 9) there is an OK button, but after pressing it I get no image
  • Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5) I get "Error 201, the camera did not return an image”
  • Motorola Moto G (Android 5.1) same error as before
  • Galaxy S6 (Android 7) as before
  • OnePlus 6 (Android 10) I get an hook (instead of OK) which is not clickable.

On all devices the Pictures folder is not created .

See also here:

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Should be fixed in next release.
If the directory doesnt exist it will be created automatically.


Importantly, it is necessary to use the smartphone’s native camera, if using another camera app it may not work. I tested 2 app didn’t work, but one did.

the component file bugs the page when I use it, why can it be?

Hi All,
I’ve compiled again with Kodular Fenix 1.5.6 … but still Error 201, the Camera did not return an Image.

any update / solution ? please…

Hello, the error 201 still present in version 1.5.6: the camera didnt return an image.

and the next solution doesnt works for me:

I have a screen with more than 40 images to take, and any one is returned to the image.picture.

any kind of solution? thanks

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hi Thanks,

After several test and trial, at last camera can take picture.

Note :

  • Android 11 up, never fired Camera After Picture. It directly fired Error Occured.
  • Because I need to compress ( resize ) image, and my camera only create ‘PNG’ file, I 've to copy first into ‘Download’ folder to make JPG. And then resize after all.

This works now but
I hope, there will be a simple method to catch CAMERA, like the old one.


Yes, as I have said several times, my approach is at best a temporary workaround. Why this fatal bug was not fixed with the 1.5.6 update remains a mystery.

I wouldn’t use my workaraound because I’d have to adjust it again later after a fix.

Please , can you tell me if this problem can occur if I export the image directly to firebase storage ?

Anke Do you know if using a camera extension the function could work again?

Had you tried with camera extensions?

hello Ari, do you have an estimated date to fix this camera bug?

Anyone have any news on fixing this bug?

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I don’t know…

I’m still waiting for the solution :confused:

I am using this component (Surface View).
While I wait for them to fix the camera.

Can you share example this .aia?

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Hello, both methods work on Companion but do not work when exorted as .apk.
I get Error 908 and tried to solve it with block ask for permission:android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE which was denied, after that i used Anke DeclareReadWrite.aix but that did not help too.
Could you help me plz.