Camera - Error 201, the camera did not return an image / missing Pictures folder

To avoid that the following error message occurs with the Camera component:
"Error 201, the camera did not return an image” or you don’t get an OK button after taking a picture,
because the folder “Pictures” does not exist (has been deleted by you or your users),
use these blocks:


Note: Since Android 5, this folder is no longer automatically created by the camera component.
The folder is still created with Android 4.3.

@Kodular I think this folder should be created automatically on all Android versions.


I did some more tests on serveral devices & Android versions:

  • Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9) and there is no OK button after taking a picture
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Android 9) there is an OK button, but after pressing it I get no image
  • Galaxy Note 3 (Android 5) I get "Error 201, the camera did not return an image”
  • Motorola Moto G (Android 5.1) same error as before
  • Galaxy S6 (Android 7) as before
  • OnePlus 6 (Android 10) I get an hook (instead of OK) which is not clickable.

On all devices the Pictures folder is not created .

See also here:

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Should be fixed in next release.
If the directory doesnt exist it will be created automatically.

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Importantly, it is necessary to use the smartphone’s native camera, if using another camera app it may not work. I tested 2 app didn’t work, but one did.