Allow only one device to log in - Firebase Auth


I am developing my first app on with Firebase authentication. I am using Firebase authentication for login into my application. I have done all integration and everything and my Application is working fine.

But i want to only single session with single user as right now with single user id i am able to login through multiple devices at a same time.

so, i want to restrict user till account account logged in another device.

Is it possible ??

Hi @mitesh_Thakkar, welcome to the community!
You mean you want that no user sign up with the same id multiple times?

no i mean no user can login from 2nd device till he/she not logged out from 1st device

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You can use isLogged in block.That will detect if he is logged in from any device.If this block returned false, let him sign in :wink:


You can try it and tell us if it works :wink:

Thanks for all. i will try n tell that it is working or not. thanks a lot

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i tried this one but not working. still i can sigh in from multiple devices at a same time.

still facing same problem not working

It is possible
It’s very easy
You must understand firebase

i have tried many times. but not getting solved.

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