Alternatives to capture component

I have searched the community and used all the extension i saw but none of them worked as intended. I have a horizontal scroll arrangement component that contains a lengthy text, i want to convert the content in the horizontal scroll arangement component into image. i tried component to image extension and Capture widget images but what it does is to capture the only content visible i mean the text instead of capturing all the text in the horizontal scroll arrangement. I thought if there’s a way i can convert it into PDF or is there any other method to do this. Thanks

Your question isn’t clear. What is your horizontal component? Do you use a textbox with text or a label or a pic? Have you tried the inbuilt screenshot component? Or do you want to get only the text for further editing or saving?

just edited it. i use text only so i want to get the text and save as pdf

there is a paid extension -

Thank you this is exactly what am looking for.

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Here is a free extension

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This do not work for scroll view. I already found a PAID version that works for me. Thank you

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