An internal error has occurred. Report a bug? Error

Hello. When I change the “Outer Line Color” of a “Card view” in “Kodular”, “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?” I am encountering the error message. I am attaching the screenshot of the error. How can I solve this problem?

This has been anwsered many times see


What exactly do I delete?

projectColors - after deleting make sure no empty line left


I think you opened “aia” with “7zip archive”, I cannot open it with it.

Post here or pm me aia to fix it

I don’t understand, can you please explain in more detail?

Export aia

and then upload it here

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Hello. First of all, sorry for my late reply. Now let’s get back to the subject; I followed and followed the steps in your “YouTube Video”, and then removed the following code in the code section: “projectColors=[{“hexa”:“FFFFFF00”,“freq”:“5”},{“hexa”: “FE5722FF”,“freq”:“1”},{“hexa”:“010101E3”,“freq”:“1”},{“hexa”:“FFFFFFFF”,“freq”:” one"}]"
I removed and saved this Code, uploaded the “AIA” file back to “Kodular” and it worked so the operation was successful.

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My problem is solved, thank you very much for your help. See you.

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