An internal error has occurred

“closing” . I am not sure what you mean. Do you want to send me the AIA to look?

I think “closing” mean “collapse”
And he needs to expand them

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YOEB.aia (140.2 KB)

I’ve added pages that only give errors

Try this one YOEB.aia (1.3 MB)


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but if I try, won’t the ad approval be removed?

Took a quick look at your blocks, this will not work well in :kodular:



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Thank you.
but he had to get approval again for the ads.

I just fixed your aia, I have no idea regarding ads sorry


I have the same problem. It gives a Continuous Report error. I Can’t Open The Page

Your aia is probably corrupted

How do I delete the “ImportGG39B9.ais” Page I imported? I get an error rapro when called to the imported page.

Are you not able to delete the screen from creator

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Yes. When I try to edit the page, it gives error report. The Remove Button is not active.

You can try this


Ok. Thanks.

I’m also getting the same error over and over again. My project is also not saving any more. This mean my AIA is corrupted? if yes then how to solve this?
I didn’t imported anything just making my app. I started to received this error from yesterday.

If this only started after the latest release, text block string may cause this

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Yes you are right, text block are the reason, when ever I put something in a text block that error occurres, then I can’t export to apk, live test, and app does not save automatically. I have to close kodular tab and again start it. Is there any solution for that?

Import31H4CG screen is not going to be deleted How to delete this screen.

It will be good if you at least try to read in the thread, I posted this 5 posts above…