An internal error on account page

Why it is happening

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My Account not working :disappointed:


same with me

Same with me.

I think kodular team working on update that is way facing this problem

is it only happening with preimum users?

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Ya same problum my kodular is not working…

If we go with past records, it won’t be fixed anytime soon .

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but we can just pray and hope. soon it will be fixed

I went premium, I’m still trying to get monetization to work and can’t access the my kodular page today.

Kodular not loading account

May it will take several day.

No all user is facing same problem

Yes my kodular section itself not opening…

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anybody have staff’s mobile number? please call vishwas or diego. inform them.

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Hi @Peter, If possible can you please contact Diego or staff members of Kodular team and let them be aware about the ongoing issues with My Kodular Error, Google Ad Manager Inventory & Fill rates issues & many more issues faced by users on our Community. If you can contact them then it would be of a great help! I beleive that hey are inactive for a few weeks.

Please let us know.

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Screenshot_20220822-051534_Samsung Internet

I’m also facing the same issue :upside_down_face: @Kodular

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Please any kodular moderator inform this to kodular staff

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how can developers withdraw the payments? any alternate way? please fix the issue. thanks


I have neither seen nor heard anything from Kodular staff in the last two weeks, despite the fact that various failures have been reported to them…