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Will there be an advertising mediation function? I dream that Kodular would do something like Appodeal. This would increase our income and increase the attractiveness of this platform for novice developers.

Anyone here willing to give me a solution as to why I can’t use Companion to live test apps over USB? If so, I would be very grateful.

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Because it doesn’t work. When I remember right it never worked. So just forget about usb thingie.

Tomorrow we will launch an update with all these critical fixes, I’ll provide a list in a few minutes.

EDIT 2022-07-02T17:02:00Z

  • Hotfix for File component (still WIP, a fix is ready but does not fully satisfy its needs)
  • Fix GAM banner size and test mode ads
  • Allow users to set eCPM floors with GAM
  • Fire NotificationOpened even if action button not clicked
  • Use locale-based gravity and direction

EDIT 2022-07-02T18:23:00Z

  • Break out of switch after setting app name

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Appreciate the post. I have been slightly inactive myself and coming back I felt a little uncertain about the platform, so this is comforting.

I’m not too sure if it has been resolved already but is the Kodular team aware of the issue with Unity Ads crashing the app. I haven’t checked to see if this issue is still occuring, since the error only occured to my users when I published them to google play with very high crash rates so do not want to inconvenience my users just to check whether the issue still exists.

Here are some links about the issue:

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Recover Kodular Account

I must honestly say that this has greatly affected my ministry with the team who work together to help the recovery of poor children after the pandemic. And using Companion with QR Code is very much different when using USB. Hope to find a solution soon because to learn to use another platform is too late for me now.

Atleast in free plan extension limit should be 10. Limiting to 5 is not worth. One signal not working we have to use FCM extension. Vertical horizontal scroll handler, limit is easily over by this necessary extensions.

Or allow as regular kind with your previous commission based system whom wants it.

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My parents always gave me advice to never depend on other people.
Now, this applies to everyone in this community. Because of the convenience it offers, we all depend on their performance to solve problems on a platform that is of course theirs entirely. And they can do whatever they want at any time, including changing ‘FREE’ to ‘NOT FREE’ suddenly without sufficient explanation, whether you’re ready or not. If in the past we were not captivated by this convenience…
End this fight and forget it.
There are much better ones out there.

Koded with :heart: is a joke.
Trust me


Can’t you wait for sometime? Kodular has already responded and posted many times about these limits. I don’t know why are you wasting your time for posting the same thing again and again.

Read Here :

Just stay calm and stop posting about the limits. Kodular is still free unlimited for two days until then wait for the final decision from kodular about limits. I hope they have a better solution for all.


We hope so because the difference between kodular and other platforms is the number of extensions… they all have an unlimited number of extensions within the free plan

You ( ALL users ) need to learn to wait. STAFF is reading ( the suggestions ) and trying to adjust the platform. :+1:

It’s that simple :person_shrugging: … Wait…they are working…and a lot…


Suggestion: Why is the new kodular premium not applied to all new accounts after JUNE and leave the old accounts with unlimited extensions or 10 at least… … I think this would solve the problem of servers down …or deactivating and deleting old accounts projects that inactive… In addition to transferring the ability to send messages to other users and moderators within the premium plan… and leaving the number of unlimited extensions in the free plan for old accounts.


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kodular in the next component updates could have some scheduling functions in the background ?

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Maybe kodular will do, but for now you should try the available extension

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Now the new system has come, now give approval

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