An update from Kodular Staff

I don’t think it was available for betatesters, otherwise there would be some people talking about it.



What are you talking about?

Facebook ads etc. They keep updating their sdk but it takes Kodular a while to catch up. Have you never seen the hundreds of topics asking for Kodular to update to the latest sdk?

The targetSdkVersion is currently 30. From Aug. 1, 2022, SDK 31+ (Android 12) is mandatory for new apps.

The fact that Kodular anticipates the deadline with the targetSdkVersion is a novelty. :wink:

See also here.


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I think Google’s targetSdkVersion has nothing to do with the Facebook SDK. (But maybe I’m wrong.)

I have never used any Facebook (Meta) service and never will.

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then why kodular not updating facebook latest sdk? what is the problem… because of kodular force to use ad manager to the user…??
then why those component still there… remove them… other builders using latest ads network sdk, now kodular is using 1 year old sdk!!!


They’re talking about Facebook sdk, not the Google one.

Yes, that’s clear, so what’s wrong with this statement:

You’ve taken what people mean in a totally different direction. No one mentioned Google targetversionsdk except you. People are complaining about the Facebook sdk, it takes Kodular time to catch up with any changes Facebook makes.

Maybe you should read the topic:

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We’re not talking about the TargetSDK, I’m not sure why you keep mentioning that.

Because we could have expected, according to the topic, that the targetSdkVersion will also be adjusted now. Is it said in the topic or not?

(Btw, it must/will come in a month anyway.)

First examine this screenshot.

ridoy is not talking about TargetSDK, they are talking about the Facebook sdk. Facebook update their sdk regularly but it takes time for Kodular to make the necessary changes (nothing to do with TargetSDK). This means that for several weeks or months Facebook ads either don’t work at all, or they don’t work properly.

I know ridoy meant Facebook sdk because he spams the forum with posts about it. My reply was to django, not a general reply to the topic itself.

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@bodymindpower there’s no reason an update “must” come out by a date provided by you. The problem isn’t with the targetSdkVersion unless you plan on updating your projects right after the requirement goes into effect. As a moderator, you should be aware that demanding things doesn’t go well.

That’s clear to everyone. My question still remains as to why targetSdkVersion was announced in the topic.

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It doesn’t make any sense anymore to present temporary workarounds after this totally bugged, devastating Kodular update (1.5.5).

The only option is to wait until Kodular fixes these countless fatal bugs. And that might take a while…


See also here:

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it’s still a bit sad to see after an update and with simple components without extensions to see that one of my works does not work. Screen 2 cant load and deleting this page everything works luckily :d

Dear Kodular team colleagues. Many users are being extremely patient with this admob & admanger transfer process. More important than any update is that we earn revenue from the app. My admanager account is already active, but no app has been authorized yet and with the switch to admanager we can’t even publish on google play without authorization, we hope a solution to this problem. Please