An update from Kodular Staff

Thank You for this Information.
but some error occur after new update . Screen1 work fine but other screens error open and open again please solve this issue.
Thank you Kodular Team. :heart: :heart:

Thank You, but what about app approval? In the last post, you mentioned about faster approval. Any update on that?.
Also, commission break down from different kodular version in kodular reporting is still not working.

Suggested that the kodular in each update, make a beta version and keep the old until solve all the problems of new version.
That is will provide effort and time reviewing your problems, I hope to be a useful proposal. Happy :kodular:


But still the the error upon selecting the colour is not yet been solved. We are solving it as per @dora_paz suggestion

And still user failed to compile if they didn’t set the default colour theme in settings. Earlier version we do not have such errors.


fix my problem I am getting very upset because of this problem, you should do something soon, Kodular team.

Regarding ads approval, we are working on a new system using machine learning. It is in early development stage though, so it may take some time to get it ready (the accuracy right now is very low to launch it to production yet).


We love kodular :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


That’s good to hear. :+1:
Though it has been discussed earlier but still I would suggest to give moderators access to the approval system. Maybe it won’t affect the approving speed but it will surely not make a lot of users disappointed about the time it consumes.


You said that the applications will be revoked to display Google Ads, but unfortunately this has not been done for many days and when the discussion takes place the easiest thing is to delete the comments – there is supposed to be a practical explanation of everything that is said so that members can work – and canceling the ads means not working – Please solve the problems and enjoy the chest. Perhaps some users are the source of their livelihood. The ads are from Admob, and they have been transferred from other platforms to you, and now you have canceled the ads and are asking for approval and approval does not take place, and there is no practical explanation for that

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Congratulations kodular team. Don’t leave us alone. Please pay more attention to this issue of ads, as for many they are the only source of income to create apps. If developers don’t have revenue then they will lose the incentive to create app and so everyone loses. Thank you all


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We were waiting for a bigger update than Kodular
But unfortunately, kodular problems are increasing day by day. :yawning_face:


So because of this our work is stopped or give us approval or reject the app, it is affecting our work badly and our work is not going ahead.


amazing to hear these news. I have a question, there is a topic called “Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components”, these errors will be fix with this new update?

They are already fixed with Kodular Fenix 1.5.4 update
I noticed it a week ago and mentioned in the topic.


Suggestion: let user makes ListView enable or disable after a click.

Hi, please, it would be better if the ad approval time is shorter.

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oh thanks for the reply, it is great :smiley:

Hello, with everything configured correctly, I still get this message when opening the app. I tried to put it in test mode and the message still occurs. Could you help me to solve this problem, because I have already done everything.