Android Studio Vs App Inventor

Lets say I want a quiz with some premium feauture.

Which Platform will go make a quiz app AS or Ai.
I under AI more than As.

Why AS is much more good tha AI? Why AI apps cant be equivalency to AS apps.

Use android studio if you know a real code language like java or kotlin.


Why not Kodular?

Please tell me the demerits.

Which part is not clear?
If you can code in android studio then its easier for you to do what you want.

If you cant code do it in blocks.


I have seen some quiz apps that have been made on Kodular and they should definitely be simple to make but in regards to your ‘premium features’ you would need to explain these for people to give you input.

About this, i have a question.

google give us some type of help or benefit if we use java or kotlin instead blocks??

maybe in Aso, position in play store, or something like that?

or for google and google play, is the same if we use language or blocks?