Animation not working after 1.3B.2 update

Hello koders,
I used Animation Utility in my project and trying to perform Zoom animation with it. It was working all fine two days before. But now when I opened my project on Kodular, it is showing me the error.
The operation Zoom cannot accept the arguments: , [false], [1], [0.8], [1000]
While I am using the correct block

Okay , I found the problem. I forgot to update the Companion. Sorry.
Can someone delete this post.

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Update your app

From today morning (after kodular update became live) … Animation is not performing well :thinking:
I mean before animation the app freezes about 1~2 seconds… (It was working smoothly yesterday)
The app is on play store and I didn’t made any changes on it. (not updated and didn’t even opened project on kodular) …
Is this because of kodular update? Or anything else?
[please don’t ask for blocks because it was working just fine yesterday​:wink: ]

Update Kodular Companion app from The Play Store. It solved the problem for me

Sorry bro
I’ve already updated it…
And the problem not really related to companion…
The app is already on play store… That I’ve uploaded before kodular update… Before kodular update it was working just fine but after update the problem is occurring… [I just wanted to know if it is because of kodular update or not ]:thinking:

Well, if you already uploaded it, and did not make any changes, it is not a problem related to Kodular.

Okay .
Thanks for your response…
I just found out that the problem was with one of my extension :confused:

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