Another type of showcase

Hi Makers!
The amazing Makeroid Butterfly has published a few days ago, with a lot of awesome components, like the spotlight.
So I would suggest another feature to the spotlight component: a different type of spotlight.
On the image below, you can see, what I am talking about: this not screen-darking, more material type of spotlight:

yeah, I know the edge of the spotlight is cutted in a few places, but that’s because I had to remove the emails content, and I cannot paint every pixel separately

Yeah, It’s not the most important thing, and it seems weird when a thing is published 5 days ago and you request a feature, but as I said, i think it makes the app more material, and I do not like the current spotlight’s design much.

Until devs implement it, you can use this fantastic extension by @Jerin_Jacob:

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Yes, i’m using this extensiln, it work very well