Any help with cURL implementation? Cant figure out anything . Saw many posts

I see so many tutorials etc. Used both cURL to blocks tools but I cant implement my cURL to kodular. I have a button, a textbox and a label. I want when i tap the button , use the url in the textbox and then post the result url in the label using this cURL:

-H ‘api-key:quickstart-QUdJIGlzIGNvbWluZy4uLi4K’

I cant figure it out. Thanks in advance!

Maybe like this

Cant get this to work. My brain is literally stuck rn :sweat_smile:

You may have to talk to deepai and tell them what you are trying to achieve. If the image is local then using multi part to upload is a no no with the web component. You may be able to do things using the custom webview extension. You may be able to convert the image to base64 and send it as text…

I dont want to use local image. I have direct .jpg etc image links. From google or anywhere. I just cant figure out how to use that image link and get the output. Thanks though.

This works

Note: the free trial “quickstart” runs out quite quickly

Thank you very much! But cant implenet yout set image blocks. I cant seem to find any jsontextdecodewithdictionaries. Gonna try another one.

Also by run out quickly you mean every some uses I cant do it again and get a cooldown. Or I need a new api key?

If you are going to use the api regularly, you will need to sign up for your own api-key.

I see! Thanks for everything!! Now I can understand how things thing works more clearly!

This block doesn’t exist in Kodular, only in App Inventor. Use [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

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I could manage to do it with

Is your problem solve?

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