Any kodular premium promotional codes

Is there any promotional code for kodular premium

I want the yearly code

  • NYE2023M : valid through Today 16:30 → 9 January 2023 04:29 , provides a $2 off discount on monthly plan for 3 months .
  • NYE2023Y : valid through Today 16:30 → 1 February 2023 04:29 , provides a 20% off discount on yearly plan for 1 year .

I am subscribed to a monthly subscription and I want to cancel it and subscribe to an annual subscription today so that I can benefit from the discount that will expire tomorrow He tells me that you must wait until February 2nd until your monthly subscription ends, and this discount will end , What should I do?

As it is only 2 days away, I’ve just cancelled right now your subscription. As you paid until the 2nd of February, we have issued a refund for the prorated amount.
Feel free to subscribe again with the Yearly plan.

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Thank you very much for your quick response and help.
I have become an annual subscriber.

new code please

Reply to @deigo he will help you