Any way to return A1 Notation from a google Sheet with searching

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Ive been searching all over for this. What i basically want is to search a google sheet, for eg a date, and it must return A1 Notation for me so that i can fill up that row next to the date

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I was hoping to connect it to an app

Ive found a script to return a cell where you search in that column. any way i can return A1 notation:

function doGet(e) {
return querySheet(e);

function doPost(e) {
return querySheet(e);

function querySheet(e) {

var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById(e.parameter.ID);
var sh = ss.getSheetByName(e.parameter.SH);
var rg = sh.getName() + “!” + sh.getDataRange().getA1Notation();
var sql = e.parameter.SQL;
var qry = ‘=query(’ + rg + ‘,"’ + sql + ‘",1)’;

var ts = ss.insertSheet();
var setQuery = ts.getRange(1,1).setFormula(qry);
var getResult = ts.getDataRange().getValues();

var outString = ‘’;
for (var row=0;row < getResult.length; row++) {
outString += getResult[row].join(’,’) + ‘\n’;
return ContentService.createTextOutput(outString);


Search Bar & Filter Google Sheet!? - #2 by Still-learning.
Try like this…if you undertthis solution

Do you want an application that retrieves all the row data from the charm of the information or the identifier in the first column? I have an application that returns all the row information through the identifier in the first column, but you cannot modify it and. And the . I also have an application that retrieves and modifies information, but you need additional additions. You add it. It imports based on the index and not the first column. If you want to write to me, write to me.

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