Search Bar & Filter Google Sheet!?

Hello everyone, how are you?

I created a Script (Windows) that exports the data of the Clients, Products and some Values of the company that I work for a Spreadsheet in Google Drive.

My idea was to use Kodular to create an App that lists these tables as a listview. (I succeeded in that!)
After updating the spreadsheet, the items in the application also change. (Success!!)

However, I wanted to know some way to create a Search Bar that could filter this specific data and bring other values in different columns.

Search Bar: Appl-

Apple = $ 1.00
Apple Candy = $ 2.00
Apple pie = $ 10.00

Apple = Product Table
$ 1.00 = Product Value Table

Is there any way to do this using Kodular and Google Spreadsheet? Perhaps exporting from MySQL would also be an option? :thinking:

Easily can be achievable by using gviz query
Your url must be, (use text join block, use three fireld. 1st filed URL, 2Nd field textbox text block and 3rs block ’ (hypen alone)<Ur gsheet I'd>/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&gid=<your sheet gid number>&tq=Select A,B where A contains 'Appl

You have to replace the textbox text block in place for Appl.

For more info

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Thank you Gowri !!

I will apply this to my APP.

Two questions about this method:

• Is there a way to add a spreadsheet without allowing access for everyone with the link?

• About the display of the search result, would it be possible to view it in a listview? (Below an image as an example)

Sorry if I asked something absurd, I have been consuming content about Kodular for a few days.

Thank you for your help!!


kodular img

There is a method for private google sheets as well.

Use gviz to get or query PRIVATE google sheet data

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Follow the method suggested by @TimAi2

Yes it is possible. Follow the blocks as given below

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Suppose if the length of list(total row) exceeds more than 200, there be a delay

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web url block must in the format

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Thanks a lot for the help Still-learning and TimAi2 !!

Gowri, it’s me again.

I managed to make the list as you recommended me (thanks for that, I’m very happy to be making progress !!)

I thought it was amazing to get 2,000 items from my table without delay.

I thought of receiving the value of the columns in variables. To use Column A in the title and a junction of Column B and C in the subtitle.
Would that cause too much delay?
Remembering that every time the textbox changes, a new search is made.


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The blocks which I shared you earlier will work fine without if you use web and display in list view. But if you split , earlier post, certainly it will be delay… I m sure. I think better you can use Collin list view in which you no need to merge or use join block.

Let me try it from my side also…

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This method certainly will delay… better look for someother… instead you can try another method.

When screen initialise, use the web to get all the data and store in a global variable.

Then if the user start to type , and in the text on changed block we can design rule to show filtered value alone in the label text.

That will be fine and no delay will be in action.

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This part of the global variable taking all the data brought me thousands of ideas.
This means that I can use the web at the beginning to store different spreadsheet links based on the user’s login. :thinking:

Gowri, I really appreciate your attention and support. Thank you very much!!

I think we can wrap up the topic. Otherwise, I would try to extract more information that would be off topic. :grin:

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