Anybody here using payment system in your app please tell me

i want to add payment system in my app but i have some doubts .if u r using payment system in your app then please help me

I am Using PayU Gateway In My app

hello your app on playstore?

No going to publish

but my doubt if i try third part payment system in app then play store will reomve my app bcz i have not used google payment or in app billing in which google take 30% commision

use play store’s in-app billing with other payment systems
then your app will be safe from removing

and I think they changed it to 15% commission, but not complemented it yet. So what you can do is, if someone uses in-app billing then he have to pay 15% extra, and you can also mention this at the payment page “that if someone uses in-app billing he/she have to pay 15% extra”

u mean i will use two method for payment one is outside and another is in app billing

one is in-app billing and another can be any payment system