App Rejected due to Violation of Google Play Payments Policy


Few days ago my friend has got a mail from Google Play about rejection of his app (educational app) due to Violation of Google Play Payments Policy.

He has used UPI Payment Gateway for accepting payments from his users.

But Google is saying that, developers offering products or features or to access content within app must use Google in app Billing as the method of payment.

That means we can not accept any type of payment from our apps by using external payment methods like Payment Gateway or any other Payment extensions???

That means all payment extensions are useless???

Email screenshot from Google:

Then what about e-commerce app and other such they accept payment without IAP.

How exactly the payment system works in the app, there might be some issue there.

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You can but only if payment is primarily for physical goods or services or if payment is for digital content or goods that may be consumed outside of the app itself

see here


I think the issue is different from upi extension becuase i see many apps who are using upi transaction within app.
Ex- Deephost app (Upi, instamojo ) and many apps but they run successfully

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As I said :point_up_2::point_down:


He was also accepting donations through it. This might be the cause :thinking:

He has sent me only this screenshot. But it shows all details from Google Play.

Click on image to see full image

Change application category

Wow, what a great suggestion! :joy:

And what it should be???

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Is your issue solved now?

It is safe to use only upi extension for primary transaction withing app , can it be published to playstore

You can, but no guarantee. Safety depends on for what purpose you are trying to make payments

Did you solve your issue.

I have also seen apps showing only ads, but have external payment gateway integration for subscription and payment.