Anyone help about transparency button color

i tried this rgba color on button but when i live testing this transparent color is not match button color is white . i dont know wht happened .If something i did wrong so tell me

Transparancy is also an integer from 0 to 255.


yes sir i tried also but when i less opacity then color is gone white .but i wanaa try to black color opacity like this


You can make a transparent image with the opacity you want and set it as the button image.

Maybe it’s not the best solution, but it’s an option.

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i wanaa add opacity color to title bar

Take a look if this topic is related to your intention …

Hello fellow kodulars

I also tried to add opacity to dynamic button today but without success. Button stay White no matter what I try. Is this a bug in Kodular? I searched topics and tried solutions but without success. Its not on the buglist though…please help!

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You add buttons and shapes -> Rounded

Transparent button colors.aia (60.8 KB)

@dohop96 thanks for your reply, I know that for normal buttons I need to set shape from default to oval or something. But for dynamic buttons there is no options to set that, or didn’t I see it right?


For now I found a solution by adding a full clickable dynamic cardview. Thanks for thinking with me!

Greetings Erik

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