APK crash - Different apk of identical code downloaded at different times

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic
Yes, I have checked and I have not found any topic related or describing the following failure.

Describe your issue

In October 2021 I finished and never modified since then the said application.
I downloaded the apk and run great. Now that I have a newer phone (Android 14) I looked for the hard drive to install that apk but I could not locate the drive. So I decided to export and download the apk from Kodular once again. I tried installing the apk and it crashes. In the meantime I found the old apk file of that identical code so I uninstalled the malfunctioning app and deleted the apk. I installed the “old apk” and the app runs smoothly.

Steps to reproduce the issue

One at a time, install two apk files of identical code, one exported in Oct 2021 and the other in Feb 2024 and run it.

Expected Behaviour

Both apk files of an identical code shall be installed and operate identically in a single phone, regardless of the export date or Kodular version

Actual Behaviour

The Oct 2021 apk file work as expected, the Feb 2024 apk file crashes over identical, unchanged code/block or UI.

Show your Blocks

No blocks to show as the bug is not related to blocks but rather to a system level issue.

Android version

Tested on Android 14 UP1A.231005.007

See the answers in this thread


@Taifun thank you for sharing the links.

If the app was not build completely, then it sounds like a system issue as we commoners have no access rights to that process. Should I assume that the resolution of such issues is to rebuild the app until it is functioning?

Is this how the summary should look like because the screen shows a message that the ‘summary is being prepared’ and after that just a white/blank main screen. It had some more pie charts in there but nothing that useful for the resolution of this issue.

It looks like sometimes the build process terminates too early which results in an incomplete apk file

Yes, you can try to build repeatedly until building terminates correctly

The statistics of your project look fine. . The project does not seem to be too large