APK Export not installing in my mobile

My app was compiled OK with export apk, but after I scanned it with the companion to install it and test it in my mobile is not going for installation process instead it is asking me to downloaded it to my mobile, further I have downloaded it and opened it for installation, again it asked me to update, but nothing exist to update. I updated but I didn’t find any app in my mobile.
this happed to me from yesterday till today. it was last week same app was working fine with usual process of installation. anybody has same problem or this is a new bug, I use DateTool Extension.

Unfortunately, you are the first and only one with this error

Reproduce the error and show the video of your problem

I am attaching a link to a video in Drive for this problem which still exist

I have noticed that the other Apps are working fine, except this app where I am using the DateTools extension. I am not sure if it is causing such a problem.

Try removing the app (previous versions) from the phone and reinstall it.
See if it works

the problem is nothing there to remove.

I will try to rebuild it again step by step to see where is the problem.

It’s probably because of this

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Well, Thank you very much for your help and assistant.