Apk File Doesn't Work

I have a problem with the .apk compilation after the updates. What would be the reason. The apk file does not work.

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you do not provide any useful information…

to find out more about the Runtime Error, you can use Logcat

I normally use Eclipse and Logcat there, but if you have installed the App Inventor Software (see also Installing and Running the Emulator in AI2 | Explore MIT App Inventor), you already have everything you need to use logcat…

How to use Logcat

  1. connect your device using USB with your computer

  2. in File Manager go to the App Inventor directory, which is C:\Program Files\App Inventor or similar

  3. press Shift and right mouse click the subdirectory commands-for-Appinventor to get the context menu

  4. select " open command window here " and you will get a command window of that subdirectory

  5. enter adb logcat *:E and the logcat will start running and log all errors

  6. start your app to elicit the error

  7. copy the log (see below)

To copy your log, right click, click “select all” and enter to copy the complete log into the clipboard, then open Notepad and paste it using ctrl-v.



Sorry ,Why doesn’t the compiled apk file work

It is difficult to answer that


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You are not giving more information, so it is difficult to help you.

  • Is it working on other devices?
  • What did you do in your app before this issue?
  • Did you test with Companion?
  • Did you test with empty project?

was fully tested for all situations.result has not changed.
have problems compiling apk file after updates.

Problem Solved.Thank You Kodular Management.