Huge increase in error level after updating the app with kodular 1.4.1 / 1.4

If you only use components, everything should be fine, because this line is added to the Manifest, as Mika said.

But maybe you are using an extension, which reqires this line (with API >=28) and does not add it to the Manifest.
Can you post the Manifest or if you can’t edit it, post the APK. Then we can take a look into it.


This line is into your apk.


Yes, this line is included in the Manifest of your app / APK.
Maybe someone can take a deeper look. Manifest.txt (13.1 KB)

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Are you sure, that the APK is the update version of your app, because versionCode = 1, should be 2 or 3 …

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But the application version is not 1:thinking:

Therefore I ask, in the Manifest is declared: versionCode = 1 and versionName = 1.0
(not 204 and 21.4).

With this APK you were not able to release your app in the Play Store.

Version 21.4 is already in store

Yes, but which APK did you upload (not the one you have released) here:
So maybe it has not the same Manifest as in your released app.

I downloaded the file directly from play console

What should I do? The number of crashes is increasing

It’s ATM that adds that line in manifest file so check the apktool.yml file instead


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Yes, but what could we learn from the apktool.yml? There is no indication why the crash happened.

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You divided back and forth about which version it was in 4+ posts, 1 or 24 but it was 24 the whole time, because ATM added that version 1 value to manifest file and I just pointed out that you should check apktool.yml file instead for version number

One thing I can not find concrete information on, are these two necessary in the manifest file at the same time as he has it in his


I can only find either one or the other but not both


Ok, I understand what you pointed out. Thanks.

Sorry but I didn’t understand how to fix the problem

When do the crashes occur? With so many crashes, you’ve certainly received comments from your users, what are they reporting? If you know exactly when the crash occurs, run logcat and post the result here.

How to use Logcat:

No user has reported any errors or crashes yet. Besides, I haven’t encountered any problem with my device yet

So don’t worry!
I have also received many bug notifications from the Google Play Developer Console regarding, but no comments so far from my users.

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